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Scratch 4 Diamonds

In the world of betting games, there are often scratch card games. That’s what we find with this free Scratch 4 Diamonds game with a minimum bet of $10 offered by game publisher Core Gaming. This game works just like regular scratch cards, except that here punters have a better chance of getting a prize of up to $250,000.

Online virtual scratch cards are more advantageous than those purchased in real life. In general, you win more often, not to mention the rewarding potential jackpots to entice a large number of players.

On the other hand, the game has an RTP of about 94.70%. Punters can very well expect to walk away with a big win.

This is a money-themed scratch card game with $, balance, ring and diamond symbols. This game is enhanced by a soft melody in the background played by a harp.

How the 4 Diamonds Game Works

The free Scratch 4 Diamonds game is very similar to a real scratch card, despite the fact that it is an online software. Participants will be confronted with a scratch card interface. The latter displays 4 main panels. This offers 4 chances to achieve several ways to win. The player also has different strategies to get a jackpot. By scratching the diamonds in box 1, it is possible to reveal a number 4 which will allow to win $50. In square 2, a result of simple sums can be won. By revealing the number 4, the sum will be completed and the player will subsequently win another $50 instant.

Don’t forget about the game 3. This is a chance to match 3 icons to win the prize according to the mini paytable in the box. The big win is $250,000. To win it, you need 3 diamond symbols. However, it is possible to win back the bet with 3 ladders. The bettor can also get the big win from the 4th panel. The only requirement is to match 3 value types.

4 Diamonds is an online scratch card game that will delight all scratch card fans.

Starmania Scratch

Many developers have taken inspiration from the best card games to create their online games. With the Starmania Scratch game from provider NextGen Gaming, the challenge has been met. The game is based on the theme of gems and space. To get an overview of this scratch card game, here are some relevant details about the game’s features. 

In the Starmania Scratch game, the symbols you will see confirm the theme of the game. The game has a 3×3 grid, with 9 symbols hidden behind it. The symbols are mainly made up of different types of stars. The difference will be in the colour and size of the icons. The celestial symbols will become more and more sophisticated as the value increases.

Playing this game, you will undoubtedly experience the adventure in another galaxy. Like all other games published by NextGen, the graphics are of high quality and neat. As for the audio side, the sound effects combine both space age and retro ambience to give you the blues.

In this game, your winnings vary depending on the colour as well as the size of the symbol. For the simple solid blue star, you will get x1 your bet for 3x, x2 with a green star, x5 if you get the purple stars, x10 for the sapphire stars in blue and gold, x50 for the emerald green and gold stars, and finally, x100 for the amethyst and gold stars. As for the largest of the gemstone planets, namely Starmania, it can give you large payouts x1,000 your total bet, as long as you get x3 to the yellow and red embellished planets.

In principle, the majority of NextGen’s scratch card games are available on mobile devices. Indeed, you can access Starmania Scratch from your mobile phone or tablet without any hassle. All you have to do is lightly rub the game panel to reveal the hidden icons. Also, the game remains accessible at all times so you can relax anywhere in the best of conditions.

Scratch 4 Emeralds

To satisfy the fans of scratch card games, Core Gaming Limited is offering them a spin on its new Scratch 4 Emeralds scratch card game. The game is designed with 4 panels. Each panel has a defined winning value. In this game, the bettor has a pre-determined chance that will result in a win multiplier.

Free Scratch 4 Emeralds Game

  • Type: Scratch cards.
  • Minimum stake: $5.
  • Maximum bet: $5.
  • Software: Core Gaming.
  • Team Score: 8 / 10.

First, the player has to determine his stake with a unique bet value for each card. Please note that the bet cannot be changed. The minimum bet value is $5. Next, the player must press the BUY CARD button to start the game. This button is located on the right side of the interface. The start of the game is sometimes followed by a small animation.

When the game starts, the participant will have to wipe the wire of each of the four areas of the map. At the same time, he/she has to control and drag a finger over the relevant area. The values of the area will be displayed once the user has wiped. The player must manage to wipe more than 80% of each panel in order for the panel to be considered complete. But before this happens, it must be ensured that all panels are completed.

How the game works

To win panel 1, the number 4 must be revealed from a set of 6 single digit values. This is usually found towards the top left of the map interface. Panel 2, on the other hand, is located at the top right. To win this one, the player must reveal the number 4 as the result of one of the 2 sums. For the 3rd panel, you have to match any 3 icons. This can be done from a set of 9 symbols in a 3×3 grid. The win values are defined on a win table on the right of the sheet. Panel 3 is located at the bottom left of the interface. Finally, the fourth panel at the bottom right of the scratch card interface is obtained by matching any 3 values. This is done by a set of 9 values in a 3×3 grid just like the one in panel 3.

Basically, the player has several ways to play Scratch 4 Emeralds. He will soon forget his passion for physical scratch cards by playing this online scratch card game just once.

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