What His Favorite Game of Chance Can Tell About a Gambler

We all have our own tastes and preferences in casinos. Some like roulette and all its variations at Cookie online Casino, while others prefer poker games and poker tournaments to everything in the world. It’s no accident that we choose what we like – it can tell a lot about us and our personality traits.


Offline or online slots are rightly considered almost the easiest gambling entertainment. Unlike traditional card games in casinos, to play the machines, you do not need to learn a lot of rules and strategies.

That is why they are most often chosen by either inexperienced players or those who do not want to spend a lot of effort on gambling. Such people usually come to the casino, not for the money, but for recreation and a pleasant pastime. They seek to relax, distract from everyday problems and have fun in an easy way.


Roulette is probably the most unpredictable game of all. Its result depends only on the randomness and luck of the participant.

People who choose roulette not only can’t but don’t want to make the effort to control the game. To a certain extent, they like the fact that little depends on them here. Sometimes these people have to control many aspects at work and at home, so by playing roulette they can get rid of this responsibility for a while.

In addition, waiting for the result in roulette gives players tension and an adrenaline boost. Many people play it for this very reason – they are energetic and incendiary and seek to get an even greater range of sensations and emotions from the game.



Blackjack is a game of chance and requires perseverance, patience, and strength of character.

Blackjack players, who are more likely to choose blackjack, usually like to keep things under their own control. To succeed in the game, they may practice for a long time to develop intuition and build strategies. This shows that they are not looking for easy ways, and are willing to work to achieve their goal.


Poker does not like excessive impulsiveness and impatience. Poker fans are similar to blackjack fans in many aspects, as they are characterized by the same personality traits. However, there is one thing that sets them apart.

Poker players are usually confident and stable in their decisions, despite the fact that they can often be risky. These people are stress-tolerant and difficult to influence. Otherwise, they would simply have no chance of success – during a poker game, it is necessary to read the real emotions of the opponent, and at the same time to hide their own.


People who often play the lottery are attracted by the possibility of winning a large sum in exchange for a relatively paltry expenditure and minimal effort. They are willing to buy a ticket once a week or participate in the instant lottery periodically, but they usually do not agree to invest more to win, the way casino players do.

More often than not, these are people who tend to rely on chance and the signs of fate. They don’t like to put too much on the line but are always willing to take small risks.

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