Top 3 Keno games

Keno Overview

The game of Keno available at virtual casinos is a simple, lucrative, easy to use and entertaining game.

With this kind of game, the main objective of the game is to choose up to 15 numbers from the grid and then discover the result of the machine randomly releasing the chosen number of numbers hoping that the chosen numbers will come out to win the winnings corresponding to the chosen number of numbers.

Keno Rules

The game features a grid of 80 numbers in total. You can choose a number of numbers manually or with the Random option. Then by pressing Play you can see the numbers that come up and find out whether you have won or not.

The stakes range from $0.10 to $20 which equates to up to $10,000 for a maximum win of 15 numbers found for a $20 stake.

Each number represents a win from the 3rd number found. The grid on the right hand side shows the numbers chosen in the main game grid and the respective winnings are noted according to the number of numbers found.

It is a popular game that exists as a scratch card game that can often be played in some public places where the grids are sold and the result is presented on a screen.

The game is exciting and addictive and can pay off big. The Turbo mode shows the result instantly. The Clear mode allows you to reset the grid and re-select the numbers in the grid.

Tutan Keno

“Tutan Keno is a Keno game published by software provider 1X2 Gaming. 

The online Keno game “Tutan Keno” is a good entertainment where bettors combine business with pleasure. It has an 87.50% RTP or Return To Player.

This Keno game has some unique aspects to make it stand out from the rest. The designers at 1X2 Gaming have taken inspiration from European mythology to give this game a unique twist. A classic game as it is, Tutan Keno invites all players to go back in time and immerse themselves in the history of ancient Egypt. The background is very much rooted in Egyptian history and culture. It has been carefully crafted with papyrus and motifs with an Egyptian feel. Tutan Keno can be found on the official 1X2 Gaming software website or on other casino platforms. A ready-to-play game, it does not require any identification or prior download.

The principle of the game remains the same. Tutan Keno punters have to guess the right numbers to score. With a little luck, players could receive the privileges of the ancient Egyptian gods and win the game’s ultimate prize pool.

The Keno interface features a boxed table with several grids and numbers from 1 to 80. The bettor has to mark 15 numbers from the 80 numbers available on the boxes. The first thing the player has to do before starting the draw is to set the bet amount. The amount of the bet varies between $0.10 and $20.

To start the draws, all you have to do is click on the green “Play” button. The little beasts will come out and run through the rows to stand on the numbered squares. They don’t show up on all the grids, but only on the correct winning numbers. The results can be viewed on a Pay Line on the right hand side of the interface, in the form of an epistle. To start a new game, punters can simply press the “X” key and a new table is displayed.

Tutan Keno is an easy to play casino game. It requires no special skills to bet. Everyone’s fate depends on luck!

Monkey Keno Overview

Another type of lottery game, Monkey Keno allows players to experience a fun and entertaining jungle-themed atmosphere.

This game is powered by Mahi Gaming software for Microgaming. The scene takes place on the edge of a jungle near the sea under a bright sun. On a small hill, a monkey is playing with two of his companions with various amusing animations for an entertaining game.

The grid is presented in a small house, with a grid of 80 numbers. As with all Keno games, you will have to choose a series of numbers and hope to find the random selection identical to your choice to win. The winnings table is on the right hand side of the grid where you can see how many numbers you have won for your own selection.

You can either manually select your set of numbers or make a random selection. You will also have the option to replay the same selection as many times as you like to get your favourite numbers out. On the left hand side of the grid you have two rows of the 10 hottest numbers of the moment, i.e. the ones that have come up most often in the last few games, and the 10 coldest numbers of the moment. This allows you to refer to these numbers to possibly influence your choice of numbers in the main grid.

To play, you will be able to make a choice according to the stakes available on this game. The values range from $0.1 to $10, which allows you to bet wisely depending on the winnings you would like to achieve.

Finally, the game features the Autoplay function which allows you to automate your game with several successive rounds according to your choice.

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