Online Bingo – Choosing a strategy according to the level of the player

The majority of bingo players agree that the easiest strategy is to play with as many bingo cards as possible. However, if you play with more cards than you can handle, this method may be futile. On the other hand, for a beginner, the opposite method would be the best option until they become familiar with the game. By analysing the course of each game, he or she can learn some basic lessons. With time and lots of practice, he will then be able to adopt a strategy that suits his style. Here are some guidelines. But perhaps before doing so, it would be useful to read our Bingo rules to get a better understanding of the game before discovering some strategies. You can then choose cards with different numbers from each other or cards with similar numbers. Although the simplest strategies are based on observation, analysis and the general experience of the players, some researchers have suggested more complex theories.

Cards with different numbers

Deciding to play multiple cards at once depends on the number of players, the cost of each individual card and the value of the potential jackpot. Playing multiple cards at once may seem unnecessary, but it is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning. If this has been your decision, it is recommended that you select bingo cards that offer different numbers. Of course, you spend some money on them, but you optimise your chances significantly. Alternatively, you can choose bingo cards that are as close to each other as possible. This tactic is also known as a number concentration system. Some experts also advise using four cards per round, but this can change depending on the number of opponents and the total value of the jackpot.

Avoid crowded rooms

Choose a room with the fewest competitors, as the fewer cards used, the greater the chances of winning. Remember that the least crowded rooms rarely offer the best payouts. Those in some bingo halls depend on the number of players involved. This seems obvious under any circumstances, but you will increase your chances of winning if you follow this rule. In other words, when the place is a bit crowded, it’s best to play elsewhere. If it is not, you are less likely to win, but if it does happen, you are sure to hit a great jackpot.

Joseph Granville’s theory (75 ball bingo)

According to Granville, winning at bingo depends largely on an understanding of the term ‘random’. According to him, there is a vital relationship between the winning numbers. Thus, the choice of card plays the most important role in turning the odds in your favour. First, there will be an equal amount of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, etc. Secondly, there will be a balance between the odd and even numbers drawn, and then the large and small numbers. Therefore, if the first game is won by a card with numbers ending in 3 or 1, the probability of future draws with the same number pattern will be less frequent. This also applies if the second game is won by cards featuring 9 and 5. For the following games you have to change your strategy accordingly to the winning numbers in the previous games.

Tippet’s theory

The theory invented by British statistician LHC Tippet is another popular strategy that can help you improve your chances of winning. According to him, in the 75-ball game, 38 is the median number. The more bingo numbers drawn, the closer those numbers will be to 38. So, if you are playing a short game and players are allowed to choose your cards, it is best to go for cards closer to 1 and 75. However, if you choose to play a long game, the best card to choose would be the one with a number closer to 38. To apply this strategy correctly, players will need to learn how to determine the length of the games.

As a general rule, this involves looking at the patterns of the cards in question. The patterns are the best factor in determining the specific slowness of each game. Usually, simple bingo patterns such as horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines are short games and can be finished in a few minutes. Those that take longer will involve complex patterns.

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