Oasis Poker Professional Series. Features and rules

It is a very entertaining and easy to master table game. This virtual poker platform from NetEnt is very realistic. It has been carefully designed so that its users can enjoy a great atmosphere. By opting for this game, players not only enjoy a captivating distraction. In addition, the great immersive effect revealed by the interface immediately transports its users to the luxury casino establishments. Thus, they will feel as if they are sitting in front of a table with a croupier and the audience as a spectator all around.

The device shows a high quality graphic design. It is formed by a round table covered with a nice green carpet that allows an excellent visibility on the cards. As in real physical casinos, the table is bordered by a beautiful wooden armrest. On the top left-hand side of the table are the cards that have already been dealt and on the right-hand side the cards that are about to be dealt. Between these compartments is a table that shows the minimum and maximum bets accepted.

The tables show that in order to play a real money game, at the beginning of the game, you have to deploy a bet amount that varies between 1$ and 40 dollars. Next to this frame are the chips of different colours and values. All other features such as New bet and Rebet are located just below in the player area.

During the games, users will have the opportunity to listen to a jazz style music, which is very atypical of big gaming establishments.

The game rules of NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Professional Series (Standard Limit) are simple. At the beginning, the dealer deals 5 cards on the table and takes 5 more for his account. He leaves the contents of one of his cards visible. To do this, he can exchange his cards for a certain price if he wants to improve them. In order to win the game, you just have to know when to fold or put in at the right time.

The winning hands are the High, Pair, Double Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight or Straight Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Oasis Poker – Simple version

Oasis Poker is a poker variant from the publisher Betsoft. It is a strategy game that offers pleasant thrills.

The Oasis Poker online poker table is played in much the same way as the Stud Caribbean poker variant. The game is rather simple to play, in which the player faces the dealer. A 52-card shoe is used, with no joker. This is shuffled at the beginning of each game.

According to the pay table, a pair pays 1x the value of the bet, a three of a kind pays 3x. A royal flush pays up to 100 times the bet.

After placing a bet, the player receives 5 cards face up. The dealer takes for himself 4 cards face down and 1 card face up.

The player must then make a decision. Either he calls: the game continues with the original bet. Raise: play continues after the player raises his bet. Fold: the player throws away his cards and loses. Or he chooses to exchange one or more cards in return for payment: the game continues after the player pays the price and gets new cards. The draw of each new card costs the same amount as the original bet.


The advantage of this game is that it is available in flash mode, without downloading or registration. The graphics feature crystal clear images and backgrounds that immediately immerse the player in the atmosphere of a traditional poker room.

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